Rebate Program

We are in an incredible position to bring serious value to those whom are looking to replace their old booster system (or inefficient one) with a state of the art, easy to operate VFD system. In many case (if the customer has significant energy savings and qualifies for a rebate) it actually pays the customer to put it in! Having partnerships with multiple states allows us to streamline your potential rebate for putting these systems in. We know you have questions and can call or email us any time to discuss them, but below are the common questions we get regarding the rebate program

FAQ’s on Rebate Program for Variable Frequency Drive Booster Systems

Why would I be entitled to a rebate?
The Variable Frequency Drive Booster System is a much more efficient version which saves tons of electricity. If you are replacing a standard drive system with one of ours, there is a very good chance you will be saving 60-90% on your electric bill. The local energy providers like this as it prevents power spikes and is following the green initiative.

Am I only entitled to possibly receiving a rebate by replacing a standard drive system?
Not necessarily, in some cases in certain states, new construction also qualifies for a rebate, though they tend to be less than replacing an older inefficient system.

How much of a rebate am I entitled to?
This does vary state by state, but in some cases it can be as high as 50% of the cost of the system and the labor it costs to install it!

Who handles the paperwork? Is there an application cost?
The best news is that Capital Distribution handles the process for you. We know that if we can get you a rebate, we can sell more systems so we are on your side! In some cases there is a fee involved, of which most ends up going to the state you reside in to check for back taxes, liens, etc. which would need to be cleared up before a rebate could be issued.

How long does it take? When will I get my check?
The process takes a total on average of about 120 days. Each state varies in their guidelines, but most require viewing copies of 12 months of energy bills, a pre-install inspection, a post inspection and then a final approval. That typically takes about 30 days to complete all of that, with another 60-90 days for the state to actually mail the check out.

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