If you are a Commercial Property Manager or Owner, you do not want to miss out on this informative webinar.

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In this webinar you will learn how the Smart Valve can bring value to your facility.

  • Fast ROI – Most commercial properties it is less than 1 year.
  • Lessening your water bill charges by up to 30%! (Some of our customers even reported more than that.)
  • Adding market value to your property can be a welcome asset for potential property buyers and tenants.
  • Smart Valve has a 10- year manufacturer warranty & a 90-Day money back guarantee.

About Eco-Drain

As for Eco-Drain System, we systematically solve three issues that plague businesses, buildings, municipalities, and homes; those three issues are:

  1. Offensive odors rising from sinks/drains; especially in Men’s Rest Rooms where the urine odor can be

quite strong.

  1. We remediate drain insects, more commonly known as fruit flies and gnats.  If other insects up end

in the drains, for example, cockroaches; too will die.  Cockroaches make people think the operation

is filthy; what is filthy are their drains.  In fact, in NY City they are referred to as “filth


  1. We remediate FOG, Fats, Oils, and Grease that build up in sinks, drains, and pipes.  Eventually, they

back up from the clog and then there is a real mess.

We solve these three issues at their source; we like to solve the issue and then prevent the reoccurrence of the issue we just solved. For example, you can spray the air for fruit flies, (not recommended by the way) and you will kill what’s in the air; lurking in the drains are much more ready to wreak havoc.


lower water bill with smart vavleThere’s nothing much to lose on your end.  If you are a commercial property owner who wants to make a valuable investment in your property, or a property manager who wants to impress your boss, fill in the attached form below and tell us what schedule you prefer.

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