Smart Valve Referral Reward Program

Smart Valve Referral Rewards

In an effort to reward our loyal customers, friends, and SMART VALVE champions for their excitement & ongoing business, Capital Distribution started our very own GET SMART VALVE referral program.  The program was the perfect opportunity to publicly thank our existing customers and hopefully win over some new ones. Helping more property owners SAVE on their Water & Sewer bills along the way!

Our Rewards program is Easy to Use

We make it simple so more people can get the benefits of the SMART VALVE and, also make you and your friends even Happier!

Simply fill out the form below to register.  Send us your referral info.  We will take care of the rest!

We want to make sure everyone wins when they join the rewards program.  That is why when a customer joins the SMART VALVE Referral Rewards Program and they send us a referral, they will get 5% off on their purchase.  They will also get a $25 Gift card*.  The referral will also get 5% off their purchase and of course, start SAVING on their Water and Sewer Bills.

Smart Valve Referral Reward

*Upon purchase of a residential Smart Valve, customer will receive a unique code to promote the Smart Valve to their friends which will provide them a 5% discount off their purchase, and a referral gift card for each purchaser who utilizes the custom code provided.  Initial affiliate will receive a $25 Visa gift card back between 7-10 business days after the 90-day money-back guarantee expires on their valve (if you choose to purchase one), as well as after the guarantee expires on all customers who are referred over by them.  Referred customers must provide the referral code either through online ordering or via phone if calling us to place their order for the referral to be paid.  Offer subject to change at any time without notice.