Boost Your Savings and Your Efficiency

Get your hands on a VFD booster system in Bloomfield, NJ

Want to save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars per month with a more energy efficient VFD Booster system to replace your current one? If you are in the market for a new system, have an old or outdated one, contact us and we can show you how a replacement can save you thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars per year in energy costs. Not to mention a potential rebate up to 50% of the cost no matter what state you are in, from the government, all for saving money! We offer new variable frequency drive systems, custom designed to fit your needs. Our systems are built, tested, pre-programmed, assembled, shipped on a pallet and shrink wrapped right to your door ready to install with a couple of simple connections. Our systems come with a three year warranty, and our support as well!

Contact us at 201-690-6512 or email at to learn more about installing a booster system.

Why get a VFD Booster System from Capital Distribution?

•Our systems are custom designed to fit YOUR needs

•Constructed with industrial grade components, including Apollo ball valves.

•An energy efficient booster system from us can save you thousands of dollars a month in electric costs versus an old standard drive system

•Simplified control panel, easy to adjust and reprogram

•Tested, programmed, can be adjusted, assembled and shipped ready for an easy install

•3 year manufacturer warranty on all systems

•Quiet: usually 65 decibels or less

•Rebate programs available in most states, in some cases up to 50% rebates on both the system and labor costs to install them. We handle the paperwork for you!

•Quick turnaround (1-4 weeks typically door to door)

Consult with Capital Distribution about replacing your pump with an efficient booster system.

Energy Efficient Variable Frequency Drive Booster Systems!

The systems are unique to what is readily available on the market today. Each system is constructed with industrial grade components including Apollo ball valves. These systems also utilize a variable frequency drive system, are available in multiple styles to fit not only your specific need but the area you need to fit the system into! Some additional highlights and features include:

  • Very smooth, efficient turnaround on specific customized proposals (usually 24 hours or less). Usually 1-2 weeks from order date till it arrives at your doorstep.
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty: Most systems only offer a 1 year
  • Quiet: produces only about 60-65 decibels (see here)
  • Variable drive provides for “soft” starts and stops which prolongs the life of the pump and provides better efficiency
  • Simplified control panel to allow for easy reprogramming
  • Breakdown showing energy and efficiency savings (see example on link) versus current system provided with specifications and quote!

Who can benefit from a Booster System?

Our systems are custom designed to specific needs, both for residential and commercial situations. Below are a few examples of some of the recent systems that were designed for commercial applications. Have a project coming up soon? Fill out the form here and we will get back to you within one business day with a custom solution!

Hotel: Secaucus, NJ

Model CD3000S-210W-40 Vertical Triplex
Volume 210 GPM total
40 PSI Boost

This location had an obsolete system in place that was operating 24 hours per day every day! This resulted in astronomical electric costs, not to mention extreme wear and tear on the pumps as well as high maintenance costs. Our team designed a custom vertical triplex modular booster system which can be easily separated for installation and can operate independently. The small jockey pump (2 HP) handles the off peak demand, with the two main pumps (2 HP each) operating at peak demand in a lead/lag sequence. The main pumps automatically alternate every 48 hours (can be customized as well). The real value is the energy savings of over $1,200 per month, as our system is 95% more efficient (click the Energy Savings Analysis for full details).

Apartment Complex : New York City

Model TW2000H-160G-60 Vertical Duplex
Volume: 160 GPM total
60 PSI Boost

A 10 story high, 80 unit apartment complex utilized this system which provided a constant pressure on all of the floors (including the top ones). This is an example of a vertical duplex variable booster system that has a high total dynamic head which allows for the constant pressure to all floors. The 5 HP pumps operate on a lead/lag sequence with the lead pump alternating (automatically) every 48 hours.

HVAC: Cooling tower in Hospital: Maine

Model TW1000-12W-115 Vertical
Volume: 12 GPM total
115 PSI Boost

Provided two identical Simplex 2HP variable speed systems in a vertical setup. They were designed to deliver 12 GPM at 115 PSI over the existing pressure. This custom design was small enough to fit into the space provided and also run more efficiently than the older model presently in the tower.