WHID Common Questions

Should I get a water heater protection device?

Absolutely! Here is the reason why a device like the WHID exists. Water heaters will begin to leak between 5 and 10 years. It is not a question of “IF” but when! Between 5 and 7 Million water heaters leak in a given year, and cause on average about $5,000 in water damage and mold eradication per incident! This is much higher in condo complexes or multi-level homes where the water can run downward onto multiple levels. Multiple floors = larger damage. If you are going to get a protection device, get the only one that not only shuts off the incoming water (as the competition does as well) but also will keep the remaining 40, 50, or more gallons of water inside the tank until repairs can be made (which the competition’s devices do not do). Not to mention an easier install, no sensor (should be no false alarms) and the fact it is a reusable device, how is it not the best option?

Must the WHID be installed vertically? How big is the WHID? What comes with the WHID?

The WHID is about 10 inches high by about 3″ wide. The check valve is about 4 inches in length. The WHID can be installed in a variety of ways, see below the pictures for a better representation. You can even install it on a tankless water heater! Below is a picture of the hardware that comes with every WHID, easy to install!

Does the WHID come with a warranty?

Yes the outer shell is warrantied for up to five years, and the inner components a 1 year warranty.

Does the WHID shutoff the gas for gas powered water heaters?

No it does not but the protections are already in place. Click the “Protection” button for more information.