Avoid Water Heater Disasters with the WHID

Install a WHID today!

We all know that residential water heaters will leak, it is not a question of “if” but “when”. Many homeowners choose to protect themselves against a catastrophic disaster like this, but the competition does not have what we at Capital Distribution do. The “Cadillac” of water heater protection, the WHID.

The WHID (Water Heater Isolation Device) is a patented one of a kind water heater protection device. It not only shuts your incoming water off in case of a leak, but also keeps the remaining water in the tank. We know some tanks hold up to 80 gallons of water, and if that should leak, that could cause a real headache and cost to you. Not only is the WHID the ONLY device on the market to accomplish both of these feats, it also does so without the use of sensors, batteries, power, or maintenance. It also is a testable device that is easy to reset.

4 facts about the WHID

You never know when a water heater leak may surface. Take a proactive measure by installing a WHID. Here are a few things to know about this device:

  1. Catches a leak in your water heater very quickly, where you will lose less than a cup of water in most cases.
  2. Creates a vacuum to keep the remaining water in the tank
  3. Requires no sensors, batteries, power or maintenance once it is installed
  4. It is testable, reusable, and also alerts you when there is a leak via a faucet dripping when it is turned on.

Purchase a WHID from Capital Distribution and gain some peace of mind about water heater leakage.