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Welcome to the membership page! We're so thankful to have you as a member of the Building 101 Program and look forward to working with you. Below is a list of all our vendors and the type of services they provide. Please keep in mind that viewing the vendors' sites is meant to be informational only. To receive the benefits of membership, you must use promo code Building 101.

Capital Distribution

Capital Distribution

Capital Distribution is providing a concierge role to facilitate the program. Our concierge professionals will work to find solutions and discounts that help your commercial property for free!

Exclusive Vendor Partners

The Smart Valve

Smart Valve & Leak Detection

10% discount and 6% credit or 3% rebate: Free monitoring service and no payments for 90 days through 7/31/24, inquire about details! Free evaluation and learn how to save 20% or more on water and sewer costs with an ROI of less than a year.

  • Monitoring and Leak Detection available in conjunction with the Smart Valve Solution.

Pro Pump

10% discount and 5% credit or 2% rebate: Custom built pump systems from ejector pumps, cooling towers, any system for your commercial location. Maintenance and pit cleaning packages are available as well!


Morato Kitchens

10% discount and 5% credit or 2% rebate: Custom kitchen suites, cabinets, doors, windows and more!

MBS Logo

Mobile Boiler Systems

NYC and parts of NY State and NJ: 4% Credit: Emergencies happen at the WORST times and having a boiler issue and/or the ability to provide heat or hot water for an extended period of time could be catastrophic. Now you have a solution to get your building back to the status quo if you have a prolonged repair!

Dunne Rite

Dunne Rite Solutions

Dunne rite solutions is a single-source equipment and supplies solution for restaurants and hotels, education, healthcare, corporate dining, government, supermarkets, and more. Dunne rite solutions delivers unparalleled foodservice solutions to businesses of all sizes. Services include comprehensive commercial kitchen design, interior design, construction, equipment, planning, consulting, small wares and installation

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Paul Davis logo

Paul Davis of NYC and NJ

VIP Program, 4% credit (3% over 1M) or 1-2% rebate. Utilize one of the largest and best one stop shop for your restoration needs, with free access to the VIP First Priority phone number, and guaranteed response time for joining Building 101! (available in NYC and most of NJ but new locations are coming soon!)

Customized Marketing Solutions, LLC

Customized Marketing Solutions

4% credit and discount. This is a boutique digital marketing agency providing SEO, Google Ads/PPC, Website Development, Website Design, Consulting, Branding, Social Media Marketing, and more. No contracts, no gimmicks, and no vanity metrics!


Pruzansky Plumbing

NJ only 4% credit, discount: Utilize the trusted partner since 1910 for your commercial needs big and small! With over a century of specializing in both commercial and residential locations, you know whether you have a 50 story building, or a standalone duplex, Pruzansky is your choice for all you needs



Queens only 4% credit, discount: Utilize the name that handles everything from residential and commercial work in your property in Queens, with this family-run company that is there for you in your time of need! Ranshaw is a 3rd generation family owned and operated plumbing and heating company, based out of Whitestone, NY. We have a reputation for being one of the more highly skilled, dependable plumbing and heating companies in the NYC metro area. We are a fully licensed, customer service-driven company that specialize in all facets of commercial and residential plumbing, heating, and gas services.

Supplies Depot

Supplies Depot

Bulk discount, 3% credit (paid quarterly): Whether you need lighting, plumbing, electrical, HVAC or other supplies, let us research and price out for you, or order online for quick and easy! You can have us research by requesting a quote, or just head right to the website and purchase there using promo Building 101 in the promo code to make sure you get a credit back!


Trio Capital

Special financing plans for business equipment or supplies, including most of the solutions offered on Building 101. $33 for 6 months, 0% finance, or no payment for 90 days!

Services Available



Supplies - Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical

Smart Valve


Marketing - Website, Consulting, Advertising

Property Damage Restoration

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