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What Solutions Do We Offer?

Capital Distribution offers one on one personalized service that helps our customers save money on their water and energy bills and protect their assets. In many cases, we give out free advice that costs you nothing. If we have a product to recommend, we will do so.

What separates us from the competition is that, when we need to, we offer unique products not typically available from your local plumbing supply or chain store. Those products include:

  • Smart Valve: Saving users up to 30% on water and sewer usage charges
  • Scale Buster: For 20 years, has been limiting scale and corrosion without a need for chemicals or power.
  • Legiomix: An automatic electronic mixing valve that provides precise temperature control for thermal disinfection on Legionella.
  • WaterSignal: A cellular-based alert system to track your water usage while providing fast alerts to prevent catastrophic water damage.

Efficiency, Safety, and Control: the Capital Distribution Process

Whether you have low water pressure, water safety concerns, or want to make your property more efficient by saving money on electricity, water, or both, we will strive to find a solution!

One of our dedicated team members will review your situation and concerns with you either via email, phone, or face-to-face. We want to understand and address the issues that mean the most to you!

What we provide from there are solutions which, in many cases, do not even involve you purchasing products. Our goal is to make you look good for your customer, your boss, or your family.

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Capital Distribution is a business located in Bloomfield, NJ offering solutions for all 50 states and abroad. We have been doing so since 2015, we work to bring efficient plumbing technologies to both residential and commercial properties.Whether helping a homeowner, a plumbing professional, a maintenance director, or an owner, you can count on us for delivering the knowledge and solutions that will save you time, water, and money.

Dial (201) 690-6512 or email to discuss your needs with our experts.