Commercial Applications

Time is precious for any owner, or manager within a commercial atmosphere.  But just as important is reliability and safety within your building and keeping costs down.  We focus on that daily here, providing solutions to accomplish the core values while keeping costs in check.

Smart Valve Solution:  The solution for your hotel, condo association, school, stadium, office and many more!  Available in sizes as large as 12”, the Smart Valve not only saves up to 30% on water and sewer cost, is very much a “set it and forget” product!  Once installed, and custom adjusted to your building’s needs, you only watch your usage go down!  A return on investment of less than a year, is something that should bring a smile to your face when you see the bottom line!

Scalebuster: Utilize this solution with over 20 years in the marketplace to break down scale and corrosion, and extend the life of your commercial equipment, all without the use of chemicals, power, or batteries!  Even a slight build up within your equipment can cause it to run 25% less efficient!  Save on repairs, replacement, and energy by utilizing this solution!

Watersignal: Another solution that provides daily water usage tracking to your desktop or phone and utilizes a reliable cellular signal to also alert you via text and email in case of a leak!  A leak at your property can cost tens of thousands of dollars or be caught almost immediately with technology like Watersignal!

LegioMix:  A fully automated electronic mixing valve for commercial use that disinfects the system from Legionella!  Especially important for hospitality locations, specifically hotels, hospitals, and many more!

Financing:  We have partnered up with a financing company to offer options to pay for any solutions you want to implement.  In many cases (especially with the Smart Valve), your monthly payments end up being less than what your savings are!

NEW! Corro-Protect: One of the most vital and expensive pieces of equipment is your commercial water heater. Utilize this solution to ensure you maximize the longevity of it, that it runs at its most efficient level, and prolong potential leaks and replacement!

Other items:  From mixing valves to air separators, to PRVs, we have all the solutions you need for your location to keep it up and running!