When a leak occurs, WaterSignal instantly sends you an alert

WaterSignal measures water flow in real-time by sensing the pulse of the meter — like a doctor’s stethoscope

Our dashboard quickly shows property data by hour, day or month

Through data analytics and recommendations for best practices, WaterSignal can help you save water and money


Services include:


Alert Notification System – Our continuous monitoring system will immediately send catastrophic leak alerts within minutes to management/maintenance 24/7
via SMS text or email. Alert levels are fully customizable to the individual property.

Analysis – In order to detect pre-existing or ongoing leaks, our technical staff
compares your usage against industry averages and typical consumption patterns for properties of similar size and demographic.

Property Survey – If requested, we will conduct a thorough property tour and
assessment of your community including fixture inventory, to better understand
usage patterns and on-site conditions. We will also walk your entire property
looking for excessive vegetation and/or signs of erosion that could indicate past
or present leaks.


Water Bill Analysis – We will provide a charted analysis of past water consumption, including gallons per unit/day and costs per square foot/year, as a baseline to
compare to industry benchmarks.

Portfolio Dashboard – Compare your water costs and usage by community,
allowing side-by-side comparisons across your portfolio.

Online Data Review – Access your data 24/7 through our secure web portal. Data can easily be exported via Excel format or printed as PDF.

Onsite Consultation – Our field technicians can guide your staff in locating leaks and implementing inspection procedures.

Irrigation System Management – We will analyze your irrigation usage for
excessive consumption, faulty rain sensors, inoperable irrigation panels, and
damaged equipment.

What is WaterSignal ?

WaterSignal is a non-invasive technology that provides real-time monitoring and management of
water usage to save buildings thousands of dollars in wasted water and potential infrastructure
damage. By continuously measuring domestic, irrigation, and cooling tower water meters, we can
eliminate uncontrolled water loss by alerting building engineers immediately that there is excessive
or abnormal water use. This is particularly important after hours and on weekends when no one is

We provide accurate and detailed data and analysis about how much water is being used, every
hour of the day. This data allows steps to be taken to both increase water efficiency and confirm
the effective outcome of any new water conservation measures implemented, such as replacing
outdated fixtures, adjusting irrigation schedules, or tweaking cooling tower levels.

With regard to LEED v4, under the Performance heading of EBOM Water Metering, it states, “All
meters, including whole-building meters, must be recorded at least weekly and used in regular
analysis of time trends.” This data must also be compiled into monthly and yearly summaries. Unfortunately,
manual meter reading is time-consuming and sometimes inaccurate. With WaterSignal,
our technology does all of this automatically, including the graphing and compiling of data, and can
be easily exported into spreadsheets and/or utility dashboard

Benefits of WaterSignal

WaterSignal’s benefits include:

  • Alerting property maintenance and management immediately to any catastrophic or
    uncontrolled water loss.
  • Utilizing data and benchmarks to identify and confirm pre-existing leaks.
  • Confirming proper irrigation schedules (days and times), alerting immediately to leaks or
    excessive usage, faulty rain sensors, broken heads, etc.
  • Notifications regarding increases in daily water usage are sent before the bill arrives in order
    to address and fix the problem immediately.
  • Verifying the ROI for any water conservation measures implemented.