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Upgrade to a titanium anode rod today and extend the life of your water heater!

The Corro-Protec Powered Anode Rod is a long-term protection solution compared to the existing sacrificial magnesium anode rod on the market. Powered anode can be installed in a wide range of water heater starting from 10 gallons to 120 gallons and they don't need any maintenance. After a few years of use, your magnesium anode rod begins to break down, causing your water heater to run less efficient, disrupt flow, and allow corrosion to occur. Plus you may start to get a "rotten egg" smell!

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By upgrading to a Corro-Protec Titanium rod:

  • You will have peace of mind that your water heater will last longer, avoiding early replacements!

  • Your water heater will run more efficiently, saving you money on energy bills!

  • Eliminates any sulfur (rotten egg) smell in 24 hours or less!

  • By limiting the limestone accumulation, you also reduce the risk of hard water stains, clogging, breakage, slow water output

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