Owning your own home presents enough challenges, but for many of us we move forward and welcome it!  Capital Distribution is committed to providing solutions to help protect your asset, keep your bills low, and extending the life of your equipment both inside and outside your home. 

Smart ValveOnce installed, start to save up to 30% on your water and sewer costs by ensuring you are paying for the correct usage.

ScalebusterVery popular for homeowners with tankless water heaters, this device breaks down scale and corrosion within your heater and/or pipes, extending the life of them, while making them run more efficiently saving you on your energy bills!  All with no power or chemicals!

NEW! Corro-Protect: A perfect solution for every hot water heater! Extend the life of your heater, while ensuring it runs more efficiently and keeps the "rotten egg" smell away!

Watersignal: Have peace of mind with this tracking device installed that you will be alerted in case of an abnormal reading of usage so you can catch leaks must quicker, before your home is damaged, or your water bill goes through the roof!

Other Products:  We have access to some of most common hydronic solutions for use in your home.  Whether you need a Pressure Reducing Valve, a Mixing Valve, or a solution like Tankmixer for use on your water heater, we have the product for you!