As a plumber, you know you are the backbone to our safety and having our necessities available for our families.  You are called on day after day to provide solutions to real world problems.  We are here as a source for those solutions and want to work with you to provide these tools to your clients.

Smart Valve Solution:  The solution for residential and commercial applications that not only saves customers up to 30% on their water and sewer cost, but usually has a return on investment of less than a year!  And a special program (see below) just for plumbers to utilize!

Scalebuster: Utilize this solution to break down scale and corrosion, maintain tankless water heaters longer, extend the life of commercial equipment, all without the use of chemicals, power, or batteries!

Watersignal: Another dual use (residential or commercial) solution that provides daily water usage tracking to your desktop or phone and utilizes a reliable cellular signal to also alert you via text and email in case of a leak!

LegioMix:  A fully automated electronic mixing valve for commercial use that disinfects the system from Legionella when the client wants it to!

Plumber Partner Program:  A unique program tied to the Smart Valve Solution where we offer 3 different memberships, with varying levels of support including free referrals, training, discounted pricing, and even your own sales rep to sell your Smart Valve jobs for you!

NEW! Corro-Protect: Do you have clients complaining of a "rotten egg" smell? Want to provide a perfect upsell to your water heater installs? Learn about the titanium anode rod to upgrade and ensure the water heater's life is extended, runs more efficient, and most of all eliminates the smell your customers call you to complain about!

Other items:  From mixing valves to air separators, to PRVs, we have all the solutions you need at discounted prices!