Caleffi 5212 Sinkmixer Scald Protection Thermostatic Mixing Valve


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The thermostatic mixing valve mixes hot and cold water in such a way as to maintain constant set temperature of the mixed water at the outlet. A thermostatic element is fully immersed into the mixed water. This element then contracts or expands causing movement of the piston, closing either the hot or cold inlets, regulating the flow rates entering the valve. If there are variations of temperature or pressure at the inlets, the internal element automatically reacts to restore the original temperature setting. In the event of a failure of either the hot or cold supply, the piston will shut off the opposite inlet port, stopping water discharging from the mixed water outlet.

Thermal shutoff

In the event of a failure of the hot supply port, the piston closes the cold supply port. Similarly, if the cold water supply fails, the piston closes the hot supply port. The Caleffi SinkMixer scald protection thermostatic mixing valve requires a minimum temperature differential from hot inlet to mixed water outlet of 18°F (10°C) to ensure the correct operation of the thermal shutoff feature

Product Features

  • Convenient 4-port design for under sink mounting: Cold water bypass to fixture eliminates need for additional piping and tee used with 3-port mixing valves.
  • Easy installation and service: Stand-off wall bracket for sturdy mounting and simple hose connection.
  • Precision engineering:
      • – DZR low-lead brass forging resists corrosion. Patent pending design.
      • – Low friction, high-performance moving parts resist scaling for stable, accurate temperature control.
      – Peroxide-cured EPDM elastomers for chlorine and chloramine resistance and long life.
  • Replaceable inlet check valves with stainless steel mesh filters: Maximum debris protection and convenient cleaning or replacement.
  • Tamper-resistant locking nut and cap: Prevent unauthorized set point adjustments.
  • Certified to: ASSE 1070, CSA B125.3, CSA B125.7 and NSF 372.

Product Specifications

  • Temperature adjustment range: 95—120ºF.
  • Cold inlet temperature: Min. 39°F; Max. 85°F.
  • Hot inlet temperature: Min. 120°F; Max. 195°F.
  • Maximum operating differential pressure:
      • – Static: 150 psi (10 bar).
      – Dynamic: 70 psi (5 bar).
  • Min. operating differential pressure (dynamic): 1.5 psi (0.1 bar).
  • Min flow for optimum performance 0.35 gpm.
  • Max flow for optimum performance 2.3 gpm.

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