Corro-Protec Powered Anode Rod for Water Heaters


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Get this SOLUTION for your water heater today!

This titanium anode with current rectifier is a huge upgrade to the standard magnesium anode rod probably in place on your water heater.  By installing this simple device, you will:

  • Stop corrosion inside your tank:  Creating a protective layer on the inside welds and weak points to keep rust and corrosion from forming
  • Eliminates Sulfur Smell within 24 hours:  Designed to eliminate the “rotten egg” smell in hot water, no matter what the cause
  • Reduce Limescale Accumulation: By reducing the limescale buildup, you help reduce the risk of clogs, breakage, slow output, damage, wear, and hard water stains.


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Bradford White, RV Suburban, All other water heaters


Bradford White, RV Suburban, 10 to 39 Gallons, 40 to 89 Gallons, 90 to 120 Gallons


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