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So what is the Smart Valve? It is a USA made patented precision engineered water saving device for your water system. Each device is custom built to meet your particular location’s needs! The savings do vary (see FAQs below), you can save up to 30% on your current water and sewer bill! Although the device may seem simple in nature, it is extremely effective at solving a number of problems inherent in water delivery.

As we know, air flows through the water line on a consistent basis. These pockets of air are registering as water flow and be counted as such by your water meter! The Smart Valve works to minimize those pockets of air so they are not registered, and also creates a steady flow to prevent over-spinning of your water meter.

Return on Investment in commercial applications typically 12 months or less

Has both NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 Certifications *

The commercial sizes available are 1″ up to 12″

Can be adjusted based on how strong the flow is, higher for more resistance, less for low pressure situations

We recommend a licensed plumber install your smart valve

Adjustable to ensure maximum savings but not to disrupt your pressure to your fixtures

10 year limited manufacturer’s warranty

** Return policy is 90 days, 100% refund on cost of the valve less SH which non refundable cost is listed below for commercial valves, customer responsible for return freight **

1.0″ $50.00

1.5″ $55.00

2.0″ $65.00

3.0″ $200.00

4.0″ $400.00

6.0″ $550.00

8.0″ $750.00

10.0″ $950.00

12.0″ $1000.00

* Disclaimer:
While this product does have the required certifications to be installed on your water line (user side), please pay close attention to your local permit and other requirements. Each municipality/town/state may require other additional documentation/permits to install the Smart Valve on your water line. Capital Distribution is not responsible for knowing each and every location’s local rules or regulations, any permits or documentation required is the responsibility of the end user.

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Size of Incoming Line

1.0", 1.5", 2"


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